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Monday, April 1, 2013

Phillips Outsourcing Services recruiting in 37 Positions

Massive Job recruitment in a Telecommunications Company by Phillips Outsourcing Services
Phillips Outsourcing Services Nigeria Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phillips Consulting Limited. The Firm was incorporated July, 2007 to provide adequate and effective solutions to our esteemed clients. Our operating philosophy is to be one with the client and represent them as an integral part of their business.
The entire outsource function and staff are deployed and managed through a seamless process, such that the service would be seen by the customers as provided by the client. We do not only take on the identity of the client, but also the belief that we are the client in all our dealings. We manage staff such that the products, services and results are considered as vital to them as to the client, allowing the client the best of Phillips Outsourcing.

Our client , a global telecommunications company is seeking highly skilled professionals to fill in vacancies within its organisation in many countries.
Positions listed below are renewable three-month contract positions.
Please click on a position below to view its job description

SI Customer Project Manager
SI Solution Architect
Solution Integrator
MS Customer Project Manager
MS Technician
MS Field Technician
MS  Engineer
Support Engineer, ELS
Core Network Design Consultant - Packet Switched
Core Network Performance Improvement Consultant  Packet Switched
Core Network Design Consultant - Circuit Switched
Core Network Performance Improvement Consultant - Circuit Switched
Radio Network Performance Improvement Consultant
Radio Network Design Consultant
Transport Network Design Consultant
NRO Customer Project Manager
ASP Installation Manager
Advanced Engineer
Civil Works Manager
Civil Works Technician
Civil Works Engineer
Site Acquisition Manager
Site Acquisition Technician
Site Acquisition Engineer
Integration Engineer
Configuration Engineer
Power Technician
BSS 2nd Line Support
Field Maintenance
Installation Technician
Site Supervisors

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  1. how do i apply? there is no link.